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"Pete has a unique energy and a love of playing that makes him a joy to have in any rehearsal room. His willingness to learn and experiment alongside a deep respect of others made him a real asset to the RSC's Summer Course."

- Holly Hancock, Education Programmes Coordinator at The Royal Shakespeare Company



"Having directed him in one of his most challenging roles, I can say that Peter is one of the most extraordinary actors I have worked with to date. He demonstrates a fierce commitment to his roles, devoting his entire self to capturing a character. Uninhibited in his exploration and meticulous in his character research, his professionalism and passion is constantly impressive. As a supporting character, he holds his own masterfully. As a leading man, he is a force to be reckoned with. "

- Jasper Frost, Director of Birdland (2016)

"Pete's hard work and determination to better himself carries him through a creative process. He consistently proved that he was completely and wholeheartedly devoted to the show. As a performer he lights up on stage and gives his all in a playful, easy going manner, encouraging others around him. He is truly one of a kind."

- Rosie Thomas, Director of Avenue Q (2016) 




"Pete is a creative and daring performer. He is a hard worker and will not settle for anything less than his best. He has a bold presence on stage and commands his audience. He is not afraid to try out new ideas in rehearsals and builds good chemistry with fellow actors"

- Lara Lawman, Choreographer of Avenue Q and A Planet in the Desert (2016)


"Pete is a born performer, with a real knack for working an audience. He has great comic timing, and responds very well to collaborative direction. His puppetry skills are top-notch, and he always provides a fun energy to a rehearsal environment"

- Alex Thomas, Assitant Director of Avenue Q (2016) 


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